WHAT does it mean when information is underlined and/or in a different color? 10
These bits of information, including text and graphics, are called hyperlinks or “ hot links.” These links can be clicked on with your mouse (watch for the pointing finger) which in turn will take you to another web page or to a different area of the same web page.

You may see a link, for example, between a wedding consultant and a travel agency specializing in honeymoons or special wedding trips.

Links can provide you with a serendipitous experience because you may start out looking at information for a particular topic and follow the links to discover a whole new area of interest. Links can also be frustrating because you may click on something, not like where you are and want to get back to where you were before.

All web browsers provide some way for you to move back and forth among the web pages you have viewed in your current session. You can use an on-screen button, usually labeled “Back” or “Forward.” You can also use a toolbar button that looks like arrows facing left and right. The left arrow moves you backwards through pages you have viewed and the right arrow moves you forward.

when your mouse pointer becomes a finger, you can left-click your mouse and access the information you were pointing at? To fill in a blank, left-click your pointer in the blank and you should be able to begin typing. You should also be able to use the "tab" button on your keyboard to move from blank template box to blank box.