WHAT sort of travel information can I find on the Internet? cont. 14

You could visit a travel agency online and have them do the ticketing for you once you have decided what you want. Many travel agencies now have a presence on the Web. Start with this site or do a search for your travel agency or one in your area:

Online Agency www.onlineagency.com
American Society of Travel Agents www.asta.org
Morris Murdock Travel www.morrismurdock.com


You can print maps of the area, from a large scale down to getting from your hotel to a museum you want to see.

Maps can be found in a variety of places. Travel directories and booking sites will generally offer maps as a link if the site itself does not make the map. Mapquest is an example of a good map site:

Bing Maps http://www.bing.com/maps
MapQuest.com www.mapquest.com
Google Maps http://maps.google.com