IS IT SAFE to put my credit card number into the computer and send on the web? 16
Security is a big issue with the possibility of worldwide commerce available on the Internet. Many companies have invested in encryption programs to ensure that the information passed will only stop at its destination.

There are, however, people who spend countless hours trying to break the codes of encryption devices. With all of the people doing business on the Internet, it would be a rare chance that your information would be stolen.

There are things you can check for to ensure youre credit card information is encrypted. You should always check for the following items to ensure the site is encrupted.

  • Company information regarding where the encryption certificate was purchased

  • Page is routed securely by checking for https:// in the url of the page

  • Page is locked

With that said, however, use your best judgment and check your credit card account regularly to ensure that only authorized charging is taking place.

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