WHAT is the Internet? 3
The Internet adds an exciting dimension to your travel choices. This lesson introduces you to the many options you have to utilize the Internet for in your travel career. We begin with the basics.

that the information in this lesson may be elementary to some of you? This lesson covers some of the basics of Internet use. You may already know much of the information in the lesson. Feel free to move quickly and briefly review the information you know.

You may hear people refer to the Internet, Net, World Wide Web or Web. What exactly are these entities? The Internet, or “Net,” was originally designed by the U.S. Defense Department as a way to protect communication signals against a nuclear war and serve military institutions.

It is a physical medium that allows computers world-wide to talk to each other. It is not operated by any one entity so no one controls it. It facilitates data communication services such as electronic mail and newsgroups via phone lines.


The World Wide Web, or “Web,” is the means by which information and graphics are accessed on the Net. It was created in 1989 at a research institute in Switzerland.

The Web relies on hypertext transport protocol (http) that specifies how an application can locate and acquire resources stored on another computer or the Internet via phone lines.