HOW do you access the Internet? 4
Internet Service Provider

you may want to talk to an ISP first, or a computer representative, if you are purchasing equipment specifically to access the Internet? They may recommend you have a certain speed of modem and power of a computer to access the Internet quickly and smoothly.

To access the Internet, you must have a computer with a modem which is hooked up to a phone line, either physically or wirelessly. Once you have the equipment, you must have an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Cable and satellite companies are now offering modems so that you aren't tying up your phone line. There are also high speed options for faster accessing information and loading of graphics.

An Internet Service Provider is a company that provides telephone accessibility to the Internet. It may be a telephone company, such as AT&T; an online service such as Prodigy or American Online; or a local company that provides service.

Often, students at elementary schools on up to colleges and universities can access the Internet through the school’s ISP.

All ISPs offer a base monthly rate for a specified number of hours of usage, with an hourly rate charged after that, or may offer unlimited usage.

Things to look for include:

A rate you are comfortable with
Services you desire such as e-mail
Access you desire, such as access to full Internet, or parent-locks, etc.
Good customer support, including 24 hours a day coverage and a local phone number for help