WHAT if I don't know the URL? cont. 8
These search engines and guides offer a few different ways to access information. One is to click on a category listed on the main menu page, such as “travel and entertainment.”

From this broad category, you can narrow down your search by clicking on the appropriate choice until you find what you want.

A second way to access information is to do a search using key words.

A search using the words "beach resorts" without the quotations will result in a list of sites including the word "beach" or "resorts" or "beach resorts."  
  To search specifically for beach resorts in Acapulco, you would want to type “beach resorts” in quotations and include a plus (+) sign before the word “Acapulco.” Words in quotations will have results with that exact phrasing.
Putting a plus (+) sign in front of words means the word MUST appear in result documents. Putting a minus (-) sign in front of a word means it MUST NOT appear in result documents.  
  You could also type “beach AND resorts AND Acapulco” (no quotations) to search for sites including all three words but not necessarily in that order.

Access three or more search engines or Internet guides. Do a search of a topic of interest to you. Compare the results for each engine/guide. Report your results and rank those you accessed for ease of use and value of results.

Challenge #1 - How to Use the Internet