WHAT if I find a site that I really like? 9
Do I have to memorize its URL?

That is where the power and memory of a computer come in so handy. Rather than remembering the address yourself, you can assign the site as a “favorite” or “bookmark” it.

Different browsers have different ways to create bookmarks. Some are pull-down menus accessed like a Windows menu while others are accessed by clicking on a button on the browser screen.  
  Once a bookmark is created, you can easily return to that web page by pulling down the bookmark menu and selecting the appropriate site.
Also, your browser will hold several of the last addresses accessed in a drop-down menu to make it easy to return to that site.  
  Don’t rely on this alone, however, because you may lose an address from the amount in storage when there is a day of heavy use of URLs.

Practice now by making


a bookmark.

Move on when successful. If you encounter problems, contact your ISP or the browser's site as to how to accomplish this.