Social Media Page Requirements

For your final exam you may choose to create either a Facebook Business Page or a Business Twitter Account. The requirements for the social media account are detailed below:

You only need to create ONE account. That portion of the exam is worth 40 points.


  • 10 points - The page created should only allow you to like, rather than send a friend request.

  • 10 points - Company Info.
    • 2 points - Profile picture
    • 2 points - About company information. A short paragraph to give more details to customers. There is also a section for adding another site which is where the URL of their website, Twitter page, or blog site should be added.
    • 2 points - Unique Facebook web address.

  • 8 points - Page enhancements, phone number, awards, products, company mission, etc.

  • 8 points - Should have 30 or more fans

  • 8 points - Post! Make sure there are multiple posts on the page and that they are:
    • Meaningful it has relevance to the customers receiving the message
    • Distinctive offered in such a way as to capture the customer's attention
    • Believable the message matches similar promotions related to airfares, tour prices, discounts and specials



  • 5 points - Verify "username" or "handle" for the Twitter account.

  • 10 points - Company details
    • 2 points The company logo if at all possible. Or a picture that signifies what the business does.
    • 2 points A brief bio no more than160 characters long. It could be similar to what was written it the "about me" on Facebook .
    • 2 points Loction added, although in the lesson it gives them permission to keep the area blank. Use instructor discretion.
    • 2 pointsThe company web address.

  • 5 points - Background - This may be left at the blue clouds.

  • 12 points - Build following and followers
    • 3 points Follow your Competition: at least 2
    • 3 points Follow your Partners - other travel suppliers: at least 4
    • 3 points Follow others in the Industry: at least 2
    • 3 points Follow your Customers: this one may not be obvious as to who are customers but try to identify at least one.

  • 9 points Post! Make sure there are postings following the rule of posting 2 - 3 times a week along with replies and retweets.