These courses are approved by ASTA. BMT 1890 1 semester hour

Taking Off In Travel
This course provides an overview of the basics of the travel industry and career opportunities available. Enjoy a fun, realistic presentation of: air travel, car rentals, hotel accommodations, rail travel, tours, and cruises. Group travel, incentive travel, meetings and conventions, in-bound tourism, international travel and niche travel are also discussed. There will be opportunities for learning activities as well as exercises and thought-provoking case studies to aid in applying the principles presented.

Travel Sales and Trends
Enjoy expected as well as surprising sales techniques and new approaches as you explore and practice them. Included you will find telephone business manners, listening skills, and tools for targeting the traveler. Discover successful sales steps for telephone reservations agents as well as for the travel professional working with clients one on one. Trends in the industry include the use of the Web for a variety of travel resources as well as current information on possible careers in the industry. This is an excellent introduction to the program.

International Travel
International travel is becoming more and more commonplace as businesses become more global. No longer is it the seasoned travel professional that handles international travel bookings. Gain the knowledge needed to research, plan and prepare to travel internationally. You will learn the terminology, the policies and the procedures of international travel. This includes determining documentation needed, currency and exchange rates, time zones, health concerns, safety issues, and what to expect upon return. Opportunities for application of knowledge are provided throughout the course.

Local Tour Guide
This course will teach you the background of local tour guiding and the many roles of a tour guide. You will create a personal file with tour commentary for a local tour destination of your choice. You will develop the ability to create files and commentary for other tour destinations. In addition you will learn the administrative tasks for a local tour and then deliver the tour commentary you've created.

Developing Specialty Vacation Packages and Tours
This specialist course will help you, the travel professional, in putting together the components of a sellable niche market vacation package. Think about the possibilities when you can provide your clients with a specially developed product that will help them live out their dreams and restore their mind, body and spirit. Think about how much fun designing a vacation package can be, especially when you have a passion for the destination. This course will provide you with the information and tools you need to grow your business as you develop your own vacation packages.

Introduction to Event & Meeting Planning
This introductory course acquaints students with the common components of well executed.

Food & Beverage Management
Learn a systematic approach to evaluating meeting objectives and group needs as they relate to menu design, pricing structures, guarantee strategies, negotiation items and overall information about food and beverage services.

Hotel Sales & Operations
Students will be introduced to the principles and procedures of hotel sales and operations by taking part in "learn by doing" activities. Networking, building internal & external relationships and selling techniques will also be taught.

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