Syllabus and Course Outline
rev 9/15

30 Hours
This specialist course will help you, the travel professional, in putting together the components of a sellable niche market vacation package. Think about the possibilities when you can provide your clients with a specially developed product that will help them live out their dreams and restore their mind, body and spirit. Think about how much fun designing a vacation package can be, especially when you have a passion for the destination. This course will provide you with the information and tools you need to grow your business as you develop your own vacation packages.
Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Specify industry trends in specialty travel
  • Establish goals for your selected destination/vacation package
  • Identify the key players in tour operations
  • Learn how to develop successful travel partner and supplier relationships
  • Enhance your research skills
  • Know what to look for in a site inspection
  • Recognize your client's needs and expectations
  • Design a detailed itinerary
  • Prepare a budget and costing formula
Successful completion of all Challenges, Action Plans, and Quizzes.
Each lesson includes an online Review (Stop, Review and Apply) as well as at least one Challenge that requires independent research and application.

Lesson 1 ~ Industry Trends in Specialty Interest Travel (7 pages)
Lesson 2 ~ Travel Partner and Supplier Relationships (9 pages)
Lesson 3 ~ Research and Site Inspections (6 pages)
Lesson 4 ~ Meeting Client Needs and Expectations (7 pages)
Lesson 5 ~ Designing a Detailed Itinerary (7 pages)
Lesson 6 ~ Budgets and Costing Formulas for Vacation Packages (9 pages)

The maximum time to complete this course will be sent to you by your instructor. To be completed in that time are 12 items called Challenge and 6 Action Plans, each of which requires responses to your instructor/course administrator. There are 6 Post Quizzes that are automatically scored and graded with immediate response.