Geography Volume 1 - Western Hemisphere
$48.00 ~ Bound
$41.00 ~ eBook
Two-volumes, Western Hemisphere and Eastern Hemisphere, present every country and island in the world with special emphasis on tourist-important destination information such as: Physical Descriptions, Climate, Client Appeal, Tourist Season, Getting Around, Tourist Attractions, and Sample Itineraries.
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Geography Volume 2 - Eastern Hemisphere
$54.00 ~ Bound
$46.00 ~ eBook

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Geography Workbook
$24.00 ~ Bound
$19.00 ~ eBook
This workbook, which is used for both Destination Geography texts, includes over 80 practice maps and more than 600 study questions. This workbook will help the learner master location geography as well as destination information.
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Taking Off In Travel
$47.00 ~ Bound
$40.00 ~ eBook (SUS)
$40.00 ~ eBook (SCA)
$40.00 ~ eBook (AUS)
$40.00 ~ eBook (ACA)
Taking Off In Travel is Level One of the Professional Travel Series.

You will enjoy this fun, current, realistic presentation of the travel industry and what jobs are really like. The learner or independent contractor will explore the necessary skills for success within these segments of the industry; air travel, car rentals, hotel accommodations, rail travel, tours, cruises and computer reservation systems.
Available in four versions: Sabre® US (SUS), Sabre® Canadian (SCA), Apollo® US (AUS) and Apollo® Canadian (ACA).
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Taking Off In Tourism
$47.00 ~ Bound
$40.00 ~ eBook
Taking Off In Tourism is Level Two of the Professional Travel Series. Patterned after Taking Off in Travel, Taking Off in Tourism presents an overview of relevant topics of study for those wishing to find a career in hospitality and tourism.

You will enjoy such topics as types of travelers, tourism distribution systems, transportation methods, food and beverage service, attractions and entertainment, destination development, international travel, tourism and government, and trends for the future. Presented in a fun, realistic way, learners will have the opportunity for extra research and application of information covered. The learner or independent contractor will explore the necessary skills for success within hospitality and tourism as well as a path of training to obtain those skills and employment.
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Travel Reservations
$53.00 ~ Bound
$49.00 ~ eBook
Travel counseling skills, including sales and customer service, are brought up to date for today's travel professional. Product knowledge of air travel, hotel accommodations, car rental and rail travel is presented in great detail. Application exercises provide practice using the major industry reference materials for all reservation procedures. Sales techniques are included with booking procedures.
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Leisure Travel
$53.00 ~ Bound
$49.00 ~ eBook
Current trends and tourism research in the leisure travel market take this text beyond the basics of travel reservations. The components include the leisure travel sales, the leisure traveler, top leisure destinations, current cruise trends, the present and future trends in tours, including adventure tours and ecotourism. Leisure services such as groups, incentives and travel insurance are discussed.
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Fares and Tickets
$56.00 ~ Bound (US)
$56.00 ~ Bound (CA)
$49.00 ~ eBook (CA)
A unique text which provides a complete, in-depth treatment of domestic and international air fares, taxes and the ticketing process.

Faring includes terms, fare rules, fare basis, fare construction principles and interpreting tariff and rule displays.

Ticketing presents ARC and IATA types of tickets as well as refund and exchange procedures.

Canadian and U.S. versions are available.
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Computer Reservations System Sabre®
$58.00 - ~ Bound
$50.00 - ~ eBook
Apollo®, Sabre® and Worldspan® texts are written to be used on the specific live system (or with our simulated Apollo® or Sabre® software) and quickly develop a skill level that will make you highly competitive in the marketplace.

Each text provides complete information for each reservation agent function: creating PNRs, pricing, ticketing, car rental and hotel accommodations.

Reviews facilitate retention and multiple application exercises encourage mastery. Included with each text is a separate Job Aid or Quick Reference with the basic formats.
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Computer Reservations System Apollo®
$58.00 ~ Bound
$50.00 ~ eBook
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Computer Reservations System Worldspan®
$53.00 ~ Bound
$46.00 ~ eBook
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Corporate Travel Management
$56.00 ~ Bound
$49.00 ~ eBook
This updated text is designed to train those wishing to enter the field as well as those currently working in corporate travel management.

Topics covered in this text include automation, cost cutting, professionalism, roles and functions for corporate travel departments, relationships with suppliers, financial management, preparing request-for-proposals and negotiating contracts.

Humorous case studies based on real-life corporate travel problems taken from companies of a wide range of size appear after each chapter. In addition, there are role plays and review questions to aid in retention and application.
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Getting That Job!
$19.00 This workbook includes guides and practices to help write an effective resume and sharpen interview skills.
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