CTC's Travel Agent Certificate has Three Star endorsement from the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA) for a Distance Learning Program

This Travel & Tourism Program is endorsed by the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA), the national association that certifies and designates travel professionals across Canada. Endorsement is granted when a travel program meets or exceeds the educational standards that are based on the nationally validated Occupational Standards For Travel Counselling. Completion of the program prepares students to write the ACTA Knowledge Exam that is part of the requirements to become a Certified Travel Counsellor (CTC). Students who pass this exam receive a certificate from ACTA. Graduation from this program also entitles students to a reduction in the number of hours of work experience required for certification. For more information on becoming a Certified Travel Counsellor contact ACTA at certification@acta.ca.

Certificate of Completion

We offer two certificates:

  1. Travel Agent Certificate

  2. Event and Meeting Planning Certificate

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Travel Agent Certificate - Sixteen courses - 3050.00

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Taking Off In Travel
Travel Sales and Trends
Air Reservations - Canadian Domestic
Air Fares - Canadian Domestic
Automated Air Reservations - Canadian
Destination Geography
Hotels and Lodging
Ground Transportation
The Cruise Market
Fares and Tickets International
Automated Air Fares and Tickets - Canadian
Automated Car Rental and Hotel Accommodations - Canadian
Developing Specialty Vacation Packages
Small Group Tour Leadership
Selling Vacation Packages and Tours
International Travel

Event and Meeting Planning Certificate - Nine courses - 1900.00

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Introduction to Event and Meeting Planning
Site Selection, Negotiation, and Law
Transportation and Housing
Event Registration
Food and Beverage Management
Hotel Sales and Operations
Special Event Planning
Nonprofit Event Planning
Budgeting for Event Planners